We want to be your trusted advisor in all areas of creative Web site design, Web application development, content management, ecommerce, automation, and Agile consulting. Our solutions engage audiences in a professional user-friendly and unique manner, and we strive to ensure your custom solution generates results. At AB Positive we understand that trust is built around a continuous feedback loop, healthy debate, and time.
Our Commitment

Continuous Delivery

Our Agile development process is our roadmap to help us quickly concept and design consistent and focused value for our customers.

Using Agile software development, requirements and solutions evolve through customer collaboration with our self-organizing, cross-functional team. Agile promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, along with encouraging rapid and flexible response to change.

Ever evolving and fluid, our Agile engagements are the result of years (and many brands) spent continually improving our approach. It is not so linear that you simply check off items and arrive at your destination. Steps often blur, mix, overlap, become one, and in the end all work together.

Our Agile mindset works for all brands, regardless of complexity, along with working for companies with single or multiple stakeholders.

Our customer is the Product Owner who works directly with our team. We work together on a cadence to refine your work and ensure proper alignment and transparency to deliver working software every two weeks. Embracing Scrum to manage and address complex adaptive problems we employ an iterative, incremental approach to optimize predictability and control risk.

Our Services

We provide a range of business services.

The AB Positive design process begins with developing a “user-centered” design.
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Data Management
AB Positive partners with our customers to manage their complex data via databases and data storage solutions.
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Agile Coaching
Our end-to-end solution guides to adapt and respond to your changing business environment via a culture of rapid innovation, short product cycles and continuous improvement.
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AB Positive will partner to automate high volume, repetitive tasks allowing for a more empowered staff, enhanced cycle times, and improved productivity.
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