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We rumple daily and believe continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

AB Positive is a privately held company experiencing rapid growth. We owe our success to hard work, a keen insight into creative application development, Agile delivery and marketing techniques, combined with an adherence to values like innovation, trust, excellence, collaboration, and transparency.
Our Approach

Open Communication

At AB Positive our business approach is simple; maintain open communication and everything is possible. This approach enables efficiency and quality in our endeavors to complete our client’s objectives.

AB Positive focuses on product rather than project delivery where investment is made in your product, allowing for a holistic view that is being created, built, or enhanced. The work is dynamic, and changes based upon market condition and your needs as our customer.

We take pride in our ability to engage and relate with our clients in a friendly, open-minded manner and always welcome radical candor.

AB Positive takes a team approach when delivering products to our customer and don’t have the traditional roles within our software development lifecycle. The work is incremental and progressively elaborated over time, with emphasis on conversation and collaboration with our customer resulting in rapid value delivery, and at the same time embracing change.

Our Mission

Create Culture

AB Positive’s mission is to create a culture of shared responsibility-accountability for improving skills, brand and expanding our customer’s understanding of Digital and Agile practices while providing strategic guidance to increase value, quality and client satisfaction.


Build a better organization of collaborative, cooperative teams.

Organize and facilitate activities that support the creation of a product-design centric development organization.

Speak the truth to power with positive purpose and intention.

Empower our teams to deliver customer-based results in smaller increments for success.

Provide directional insight into skills, Agile behavior, technical and business practices through Coaching at all levels of Business and IT to achieve client strategy.

Participate in ongoing client engagements to provide just in time solutions, education, leading, and mentoring for all Business and IT engagements.

Partner with us.