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We'll coach you on how to adapt to your changing business landscape.

Our team level or enterprise Agile transformation solutions assist organizations to adapt and respond to the changing business landscape by building a culture of rapid innovation, shorter product cycles, continual improvement and an engaged workforce.
AB Positive delivers a systematic approach toward Agility. An approach which must be embedded due to a focus toward high performing group collaboration guided by a new mindset and behavioral change of each individual member of client organization.
Continuous Improvement

Retrospectives, code refactoring, story point evaluation & technical debt ensures and healthy and balanced delivery and relationship.


Our organizational change management & team, program, enterprise based coaching experience is quantifiable value & results.


We ensure velocity & metrics, release planning, tooling and intake measures fit your organization and not ours.


We enable teams to become better implementing Improvements resulting from retrospectives and a continuous improvement mindset & work with teams to learn from failures and celebrate success & encourage transparency in everything we do.


AB Positive has large transformation experience & have worked with teams to incorporate various Governance suggestions incrementally along with assessment models & frameworks such as SAFe & LeSS.


We engage teams with architects evaluating technological options to continually improve & embrace spikes testing new feature or improvement tools to enhance development experience.

Continuous organizational coaching is a critical component ensuring our clients not only learn healthy Agile practices, but also adopt and apply them as intended and not as a weapon to control their workforce. AB Positive assists with consistency across diverse teams and locations, ultimately allowing them to embrace and scale and in the end own the solution.

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