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Partner with us to automate your business processes.

Partner with AB Positive to deliver software automation solutions which enables you to automate manual business processes. We can automate tasks using existing systems for transactional processing, data manipulation, auto responses and communicating with any digital application.
AB Positive will review your current business processes and collaborate on solutions which will reduce existing manual or inefficient processes. We have implemented financial processes, sales & marketing, along with customer and employee onboarding.
Full Analysis

We will listen, and hear and present solutions on which of your business processes are best suited for automation.


Our automation solutions are trustworthy, consistent, and deliver the same task the same way every time, with 100% accuracy. With a faster and higher quality processes, you deliver more value to your customers.


We deliver solutions capable of measuring and adapting processing patterns to derive insightful analysis from data.

Flexible & Scalable

Our solutions model human activity and are always available, giving our customers consistent and continual operation. Our solutions can support high volumes of tasks and scale up or down to meet our customers need.


AB Positive enables human interactions and decision-making throughout the automation process, streamlining the decision-making process.

Our experience with Lean, automation, and proven methodologies in this field allows us to add business efficiency and effectiveness by emulating human actions & decision making.

Partner with us.